Error BLveEngPolicyAlloc (Leave Policy is no Match)


Error BLveEngPolicyAlloc::FindPolicyBasis() : Fail to match a Policy String Range

Warning BLveEngMainLoop::ExecuteOperation : Annual is not applicable.


The above error message imply that system is not able to initialize ANNUAL LEAVE because it failed to match the setting at Leave Policy.

Steps (Reverse Checking):

1.  Go-to Leave > Modules > Leave Details.

2.  Select employee and click on [POLICY] tab. Check what leave policy is being assigned to to the employee.

3.  Go-to Leave Policy. Select the Leave Policy ID and check the Basis.


Range Basis: Section Go-to Leave Details to check SECTION for this employee go-to Leave Policy to check if the SECTION is defined in the setting.

4.  Go-to Leave Modules > Career Progression. Select employee, at the lower Category, if employee has 3 career progression records, check to ensure each record has a VALID Category.

5.  Try to initialise the leave again. Go to leave module - process leave - click on "Initialise" button - select leave policy and year accordingly / click on "Next" / select specific leave type / click on "Next" button / double click specific staff record and move to right side / confirm.