Bonus paid before the normal remuneration (Sage EasyPay)



If the year end bonus paid before the monthly salary payment, perform the steps below after the “Month End” process.


1. Payment → Bonus → Add/Update → Add/Modify bonus by Amount

2. Enter the Bonus amount → Save

3. Payment → 2nd Half Payroll → Add/Update → Normal Pay, update the Working Days → Save


As the bonus is paid before normal remuneration, the check box must be ticked, system will calculate bonus PCB based on normal remuneration (i.e. basic + fixed allowances)

4. Payment → 2nd Half Payroll → Process Pay

You may check the result of Bonus payment for Listing, go to…

5. Payment → Bonus → Process Pay

Having done that, 2nd Half payroll as end month process. You may check the log file at 2nd Half Payroll → View Calculation


Do not re-process pay for Bonus Pay, this will affect the PCB deduction at 2nd Half Payroll and Bonus payment.