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11 How to ensure to be able to see or select the Department in Eportal drop down list

12 How to re-active all the employees from ePortalV2

13 How to Update Change of Employee's Name in ePortal (Sage ePortal)

Issue: There is a change of employee's name and user would like to update the employee's name in ePortal Solution: Login to Core module Update the new employee name at Core module > Personnel detail > Enter new employee name > save. Login to ePortal.…

14 How to update the changed of employee email address from ePortalV2

15 Instruction To Make Auto-Backup EPortal Database (SQL EXPRESS)

INSTRUCTIONS TO MAKE AUTO-BACKUP EPORTAL DATABASE (SQL EXPRESS) 1. On The E-Portal Server, Go To Start à Program à Microsoft Sql Server 2005 à Sql Server Management Studio Express 2. Once you click on it, you will be able to see the below screen. Click…

16 Why User Keep Prompting for Changing Password

E-Portal - Why user keep prompting for changing password? Issue: Why is the screen shown at 'First Time Access' every time I login? My staff are mostly lowly educated, they will keep questioning HR why do they need to change password every time. Even though…