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1 Double Login Web Configuration Login Twice

DOUBLE LOGIN_WEB CONFIGURATION – LOG IN TWICE Web. Configuration old MENU_URL1 and MENU_URL2 settings Web. Configuration MENU_URL1 and MENU_URL2 settings, change to “/E-portal/”

2 E-Portal Documentation for HR personnel

ADMIN login E-Leave Configuration Copy all leave type from EPE? Ø This will update the leave type in E-portal from EPE leave module. Copy Supervisor from EPE? Ø Copy supervisor from EPE à synchronize supervisor. This will overwrite the E-Portal user's…

3 E-Portal Documentation For IT Personnel

E-Portal Documentation For IT Personnel *Please do refer to the document attachment as attached *

4 E-Portal Documentation for IT personnel

Email configuration Ø Login to E-portal (ADMIN) à Email configuration à Email Server Ø Email Host: This would be the SMTP server Ø Notified Email address: A valid email address or empty (optional) Ø User ID/Password: If requires Authentication, key…

5 How to Connect Sage Easy Pay – E-Portal - (no Connection) Cannot connect Database

6 How To Create Clerk ID

FOLLOW BELOW STEP TO CREATE CLERK ID Step 1: Login E- portal as admin Step 2 : Go to user management / manage clerk Step 3: Click on “ADD NEW USER” tab – see below / insert all information accordingly / click on submit button Step 4: Go to user management…

7 Instruction To Make Auto-Backup EPortal Database (SQL EXPRESS)

INSTRUCTIONS TO MAKE AUTO-BACKUP EPORTAL DATABASE (SQL EXPRESS) 1. On The E-Portal Server, Go To Start à Program à Microsoft Sql Server 2005 à Sql Server Management Studio Express 2. Once you click on it, you will be able to see the below screen. Click…

8 Why User Keep Prompting for Changing Password

E-Portal - Why user keep prompting for changing password? Issue: Why is the screen shown at 'First Time Access' every time I login? My staff are mostly lowly educated, they will keep questioning HR why do they need to change password every time. Even though…