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1 Double Login Web Configuration Login Twice

DOUBLE LOGIN_WEB CONFIGURATION – LOG IN TWICE Web. Configuration old MENU_URL1 and MENU_URL2 settings Web. Configuration MENU_URL1 and MENU_URL2 settings, change to “/E-portal/”

2 E-Portal Documentation for HR personnel

ADMIN login E-Leave Configuration Copy all leave type from EPE? Ø This will update the leave type in E-portal from EPE leave module. Copy Supervisor from EPE? Ø Copy supervisor from EPE à synchronize supervisor. This will overwrite the E-Portal user's…

3 E-Portal Documentation For IT Personnel

E-Portal Documentation For IT Personnel *Please do refer to the document attachment as attached *

4 E-Portal Documentation for IT personnel

Email configuration Ø Login to E-portal (ADMIN) à Email configuration à Email Server Ø Email Host: This would be the SMTP server Ø Notified Email address: A valid email address or empty (optional) Ø User ID/Password: If requires Authentication, key…

5 How To Add Leave Reason For Easypay Or Eportal

HOW TO ADD LEAVE REASON FOR EASYPAY OR EPORTAL? Step 1: Login EPE Core – click on Leave Step 2: Click on code setup Step 3: At general, click on plus sign – click on leave reason Step 4: Click on plus assign – type in the reason ID and Reason and click…

6 How to Connect Sage Easy Pay – E-Portal - (no Connection) Cannot connect Database

7 How To Create Clerk ID

FOLLOW BELOW STEP TO CREATE CLERK ID Step 1: Login E- portal as admin Step 2 : Go to user management / manage clerk Step 3: Click on “ADD NEW USER” tab – see below / insert all information accordingly / click on submit button Step 4: Go to user management…

8 How to Create Employee Data from EPE to EPortal

How To Create Employee Data From EPE To Eportal? Step 1: Login EPE Core - Personnel details Step 2: Click on New button – Key in all necessary information Step 3: At details tab, key in all necessary information – Click on save button Step 4: When click…

9 How to Create New Clerk at ePortal

How to create new clerk at ePortal You may follow the below steps if you need to create a clerk who could apply leave on behalf of employee . Step 1: Login Eportal à HR Management à Manage Clerk Step 2 : Key in clerk ID , name à email à Password à Confirm…

10 How to delete the approved leave record in Eportal

How to delete the approved leave record in Eportal? If you want to delete the approved leave record, you must delete from Eportal and EPE Leave as well. Step 1: Log in to Admin account Eportal à HR Management à DB Management à Remove Record à find the…

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