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11 How to Create Pay Element Reimbursement

TO CREATE A REIMBURSEMENT PAY ELEMENT Ø Go-to: Payroll Module | Pay Element Setup Ø At the bottom right, click NEW to create a new Pay Element ID 3) Enter Pay Element ID (e.g. TAXI CLAIM) and Description. 4) Select Pay Item Type: Reimbursement (Non- Taxable)…

12 How to do YTD entry

How to do YTD entry YEAR TO DATE ENTRY Question: How should I go about doing a Year-To-Date entry? Answer: Go to PAYROLL MODULE à PAY PROCESSING à YTD ENTRY. Within the Year-To-Date entry screen, click on the PROCESS button to create your YTD record. Select…

13 How to Update Foreign Worker Levy

14 Instructions to Restart Sybase Central

15 Manifest

16 Why an employee’s details are not capture in Bank Listing Report?