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11 How to record the sales and purchase transactions in order to get correct GAF?

If you do not manage inventory, Billing system would be sufficient to address GST requirements and reporting. Via the Billing system, you will enter sales transactions where you will need to specify customer name, item being sold, value of item, tax code…

12 Know How- Sage Connect - UBS Featured

Steps by Steps enable Sage Connect in UBS

13 Message: Access Denied. Not Allowed to Edit when you click Generate GST Return. What should you do?

Scenario #1: When you click on the [Generate GST Return] button at the GST Dashboard and prompted a message "Access Denied. Not Allowed to Edit" Scenario #2: When Malaysia GST function is dimmed or disabled Reason: This is because rights function has been…

14 My taxable period is 3 months, but for my 1st taxable period, it is only 1 or 2 months, how to set it ?

Scenario : How to set in the system? Follow these simple steps: 1. Chart out the dates for your easy reference 2. Go to Company Profile to set as image provided below: 3. Check the result in GST Dashboard and you should be able to see the taxable period and…