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1 E-Learning option on top of hand holding experience

On top of having a choice of our officers guiding you all the way, we have solutions for those who prefers the independence, or without the hassle of having a long conversation over the telephone, Sage offers E-Learning, which is a FAQ video presentation…

2 Generating GST-03 Return in Sage UBS 2015 Featured

3 GST Handling on Importation of Goods

GST Handling on Importation of Goods Scenario: Date Transactions Amount [RM] 02/04/2015 Purchase goods from NG Taiwan USD10,000.00 @ 3.50 35,000.00 04/04/2015 Received Supplier Invoice USD10,000.00 @ 3.50 35,000.00 20/04/2015 Goods arrived at port for declaration.…

4 How to record the sales and purchase transactions in order to get correct GAF?

If you do not manage inventory, Billing system would be sufficient to address GST requirements and reporting. Via the Billing system, you will enter sales transactions where you will need to specify customer name, item being sold, value of item, tax code…