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41 How to enter transaction for invoices that have 6% gst and 0% GST in one time? Featured

1 sales invoice with 6% and 0% Tax code: Goods and Service Tax Report Result: GST Return Report Wizard:

42 How to key in the GST amount to enable the system can generate the correct GST Form 3 & GAF file. As informed by UBS HQ, if we key in direct from UBS Accounting, the figure will not flow to GAF file, must key in through Inventory & Billing module then only can generate the correct GAF file.

Entries made via Accounting system are normally journals which will not have item details that are required in the GAF report. (Image B) It is advisable to enter all sales and purchases transactions via Billing system if you do not require Inventory management;…

43 How to read the GAF file?

The GAF file has 5 sections as tabled below for your reference and better understanding: Section Prefix Contents 1 C The first section contains the following company information: · Company Name · Business Registration Number · GST Registration Number ·…

44 How to record the sales and purchase transactions in order to get correct GAF?

If you do not manage inventory, Billing system would be sufficient to address GST requirements and reporting. Via the Billing system, you will enter sales transactions where you will need to specify customer name, item being sold, value of item, tax code…

45 Important notice - Manual submission of GST-03

This is an official email from GST unit of Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia to all software vendors. We have contacted the GST unit of Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia, and got the confirmation that a guideline for GST-03 form format will be released in near…

46 Integrated vs. Accounting Approach

An integrated approach provides for input via extensions to accounting, such as POS, Billing whilst a pure accounting approach may have a disjointed solution, for example separate billing systems that are not connected to the accounting. The diversity of…

47 Know-how – Add Tax Code and Mapping into GST-03 – UBS Featured

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