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1 GST reporting – Only input tax amount is shown in GST-03 – 5(b), no record shown in GST report Featured

For proper way of transaction entry, please refer to http://knowledge.sage.my/index.php?/article/AA-05617/0/Sage-UBS-Transaction-File-Maintenance.html

2 Correct Double Entry After GST-03 Submission

Information provided by Irene Mok. What is your double entry after GST-03 Submission? Table 1: GL Account Debit Credit GST Input tax 15079.28 GST Control 15079.28 GST Output tax 20775.13 GST Control 20775.13 Total 35854.41 35854.41 Summary: Before payment…

3 Do I need to have knowledge about GST to use a GST compliance software?

Yes. There will be a set of requirements that need to be entered into the system according to the nature of your business before you begin and it will be easier for you to conduct this process with knowledge of GST.

4 Generating GST-03 Return in Sage UBS 2015 Featured

5 GST & Major Industry Code

All Malaysian GST registered businesses are assigned and classified under at least 1 or more Major Industry Code. How do I set this up in my software to ensure the proper information is captured in my GST-03? Sage products caters fully for this requirement…