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1 Initialise New Year Calendar Featured

Scenario Steps to initialise Calendar: To inform system close of Year 2011 To inform system proceed New Year 2012 payroll Core → Setup → Initialise New Year Setup Initialise Step 1 Calendar Select Year “2012” → All → Confirm

2 Initialize the New Payroll Year Featured

Scenario: To perform the New Payroll Year, you shall be sure of all the payment or closing processes are finish. All the resigned employee record will not brought forward to the New Payroll Year. Solution: 1. You need to sure of the month under 'This Month'…

3 Year–To-Date Report Checking Featured

Scenario Statistic Report To ensure the Year – to – Date staff income is tally with EA form. User must print out Statistic report for checking. Payroll → Report → Analysis Reports → Statistics Report Report by → Employee From Year 2011 Period…