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1 License Re-issuance

Scenario: We would like to request to re-active our license for UBS Inventory & Billing. Solution: Please read the Policy and then download the License Re-issuance from http://sage.my/index.php/h-menus/product-license-re-issuance-policy. Fill in your…

2 Payroll upgrade concern guide

1. NEW PURCHASE (A) Case 1 - Print government forms (E & EA) for Data 2008, in order to show non-taxable allowance in EA Form (Part G) & E Form (Column F), whereas taxable allowance in EA Form (Part B) & E Form (Column E). Steps to maintain i.…

3 Sistem e-Data PCB

Scenario: Can we use e-Data PCB from LHDN? url: http://eapps.hasil.gov.my/ Solution: Yes. The LHDN online “E-data PCB” is same as diskette submission format.

4 What is the best choice for Payroll of 20 people in my company? Featured

Scenario: I am currently using UBS Accounting Ultimate 9.4. as my accounting services now to include payroll as well, i would like to try the UBS payroll trial version to see if it suits me. My question is, will there be any problem to my current Accounting…

5 Why is it difficult to reach Sage via the helpline? Featured

Thank you for calling Sage. Unfortunately we are experiencing heavy call traffic. This has overwhelmed our phone lines despite having a significant number of lines and agents. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Nonetheless, to expedite matters,…

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