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1 License Re-issuance

Scenario: We would like to request to re-active our license for UBS Inventory & Billing. Solution: Please read the Policy and then download the License Re-issuance from http://sage.my/index.php/h-menus/product-license-re-issuance-policy. Fill in your…

2 Payroll upgrade concern guide

1. NEW PURCHASE (A) Case 1 - Print government forms (E & EA) for Data 2008, in order to show non-taxable allowance in EA Form (Part G) & E Form (Column F), whereas taxable allowance in EA Form (Part B) & E Form (Column E). Steps to maintain i.…

3 Sistem e-Data PCB

Scenario: Can we use e-Data PCB from LHDN? url: http://eapps.hasil.gov.my/ Solution: Yes. The LHDN online “E-data PCB” is same as diskette submission format.

4 What is the best choice for Payroll of 20 people in my company? Featured

Scenario: I am currently using UBS Accounting Ultimate 9.4. as my accounting services now to include payroll as well, i would like to try the UBS payroll trial version to see if it suits me. My question is, will there be any problem to my current Accounting…