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1 Allowance entered into 2nd Half Payroll, disappears after process pay | 进行Process Pay后津贴数额不见

Scenario: The solution shows why the allowance entered into 2nd Half Payroll, disappears after Process Pay. Solution: This is because in Allowance Table, Formula for Type F & V has AW. By default system has AW from row no. 1 to row no.6. If user doesn’t…

2 Limitation of Payroll trial version | 工资系统试验版本的限制

Scenario: The solution below explained the situation of trial edition. Solution: The Payroll trial version will reach its limit when any of the following situations took place: Message: “Please note that, the payroll cannot be use next month” is prompted…

3 What is the best choice for Payroll of 20 people in my company? Featured

Scenario: I am currently using UBS Accounting Ultimate 9.4. as my accounting services now to include payroll as well, i would like to try the UBS payroll trial version to see if it suits me. My question is, will there be any problem to my current Accounting…