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1 Account Code

Scenario: The solution below is explaining the reason for debtor/creditor control account cannot find in Inventory & Billing Settings > Account Code. Solution: The control accounts are meant to group sub-ledger accounts and should not be used for any…

2 Change Costing Method Featured

Scenario : Can i change costing method after transaction entered ? Solution : Once transactions are entered into the system, you are not allowed to change the costing method.

3 Change setting of Ship more than physical stock is disabled Featured

Scenario : Unable to change setting of Ship More Than Physical Stock. Solution : This setting is not allow to change if costing method of stock valuation is First In First Out (FIFO)

4 Disable require approval for quotation | 关闭需要批准报价单设定

Scenario: Company does not practice require approval for quotation, how do I disable such function in Sage UBS plus? Solution: Access to [System > General Settings > Inventory & Billing Settings] Click on Others tab Select No for Enable Quotation…

5 Housekeeping in progress, not allow to proceed. | 不能进入系统“Housekeeping in progess, not allow to proceed Featured

Scenario: "Housekeeping in progress, not allow to proceed" message prompted after entering user id and password during login. Solution: At login screen, right click on "Exit" button. Hit "A" key at keyboard. Enter "123" and then hit "Enter" key at keyboard.…

6 How to close my period manually to not allow other user key in journal?

Go to Control Panel > Accounting Setting>Open close Period> Select the journal you wish to close the period> Click the red radio button besides the green radio button for the period you wish to close > Save

7 How to disallow a user from editing the document?

Step 1: Control Panel > Administrator Tasks> Manage User >Check the User ID is in which Group. Step 2: Go to Control Panel > Administrator Tasks> Manage User Group> Function Rights> Untick the Edit check box for the respective document…

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