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391 Why there are so many product updates and releases?

We understand you may find the frequent product releases sometimes very difficult but at this stage, we need to be in line with the new introduction of GST by updating all its new legislative changes and information by Customs. This will allow you to submit…

392 Why there is no transaction shown in Print Debtors Statement after cash sale transaction is posted from Inventory to Account | 现金销售记录没出现在应收账户月结单

Scenario: The solution below shows how the transaction is treated when entering debtor account in cash sales transaction. Solution: Even though you have selected Cust. No. (debtor code) in cash sale transaction, make sure you have ticked on Debtor Account…

393 Write Off Purchase Order or Sales Order | 取消采购订单或销售订单 Featured

Scenario: The solution below shows the way to write Off Purchase Order / Sales Order. Solution: To write off the remaining backlog quantity in both purchase order and sales order. Key in the quantity in Write Off Quantity column. 方案: 以下说明如何取消采购的订单或销售订单的剩余数量。…