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1 12 Months Figures Update | 12个月数额更新

Scenario: The solution below is explaining the Netpay not being updated in 12 Months Figures Update. Net Pay not updated automatically (like Gross Pay) when the amount of basic pay, overtime, allowance, deduction, PCB and EPF are being keyed into 12 Months…

2 2nd unit of measurement at Stock Card report | 存货卡显示第二计量单位

Scenario: The solution below show the way to view 2nd unit of measurement at stock card report. Solution: Go to [Reports > Inventory Reports > Stock Cards], use the Format 3, 5 or 6 for printing. 方案: 以下说明如何在存货卡显示第二计量单位。…

3 A/C Description (2) viewable in account listing | 可视的科目名称(2)于科目列表

Scenario: The way to set A/C Description (2) viewable in account listing when search for account no. in Transactions File Maintenance. Solution: After click on arrow down key to search for account no., double click on the column label Account No. or A/C Desp.(1),…

4 Access/View transaction body after posted the transaction (Sage UBS 2014 or below)

Scenario: The solution belows show the way to access/view transaction body after the transaction had been posted. Solution: Go to [Housekeeping > Run Setup > General Setup], tick the option "Allowed edit exported bill" in Transaction tab.

5 Account's description blank when preview | 当预览科目名称是空白的 Featured

Scenario: Account's description in Reports > Print A group is blank when preview. Solution: There exist same description name in difference accounts. Change the account description so that each account has a different description at: [General > General…