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11 Area & Agent viewable | 可视的地区与代理人

Scenario: The way to make Area & Agent viewable in debtor listing. Solution: Click on Search button to display debtor listing, double click on the column label Debtor No. or Name(1), select option Debtor No. - Name(1) - Area - Agent, click OK. (Besides…

12 Assets Register calculate depreciation

Scenario: Assets Register calculate depreciation. Solution: The system has 3 methods of calculation: Straight Line Year (SLY) / Month (SLM). Reducing Balance (RB). No Depreciation (ND). A. Straight Line Year / Month E.g. Assets Cost = RM 60.00 Residual Value…

13 Audit Trail

Scenario: The solution below show the steps to access the menu of audit trail. Solution: Yes, user can view the Audit trail in POS. Go to [Housekeeping > Setup > General Setup > View], tick on the Audit check box Item to activate the function. To…

14 Auto running number for item short code Featured

Scenario: This article show the step to apply auto running number for item short code. Solution: Tick Auto in Item Short Code under Format tab at [Housekeeping > General Setup].

15 Auto-running reference number | 前自动单据编号

Scenario: Setting the front Auto-running reference number instead of back Auto-running reference number e.g. “R0001/06", "R0002/06", "R0003/06” and so forth. Solution: Un-tick Standard auto running at [Housekeeping > Run Setup > General Setup >…

16 Backup

Scenario: The solution below is explaining which system should users backup the data when POS is linking with STK. Solution: Backup from both system are required. This is because POS is using some of the STK and own database.

17 Balance quantity in stock card not tally with location item status and value | 存货卡和查询存货结余的存货卡数量不相符

Scenario: The below describes how to solve when quantity balance in stock card report is not tally with location item status and value report. Solution: Total quantity from different locations for the specific item is not tally with quantity brought forward…