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111 Use Flat Rate and Stagger Rate to calculate the commission of sales amount | 使用平价率和摇摆率计算销售总额的佣金 Featured

Scenario: The solution below shows the differences between calculate commission using flat rate and stagger rate in system. Solution: Flat Rate = 38,000 X 4% = 1520 2. Stagger Rate = (10,000 X 1%) + (10,000 X 2%) + (10,000 X 3%) + (8,000 X 4%) = 100 + 200…

112 View Previous Year Data - Why is the [Select] button being disabled ?

When I wanted to view previous year data, why is the [Select] button being disabled ? Answer : This is due to different password is being used. Our advice is, before you migrate data into Sage UBS 2015, please make sure the user name and password are standardized…

113 View the Deliver Address in Invoice transaction

Scenario: This solution shows the way to display the Deliver Address in Invoice. Solution: Go to [Transactions > Invoice], tick the option "With Delivery Address" at header.

114 Why is it difficult to reach Sage via the helpline? Featured

Thank you for calling Sage. Unfortunately we are experiencing heavy call traffic. This has overwhelmed our phone lines despite having a significant number of lines and agents. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Nonetheless, to expedite matters,…