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41 How to Assign the Cost Centre In Payroll Summary Report

42 How to Chance Last Pay Data in EasyPay

HOW TO CHANCE LAST PAY DATA IN EASYPAY ? Step 1: Login EPE Corepay – pay details Step 2: At standard tab, you may amend the last pay date – click on save button.

43 How to Change Category at EasyPay

HOW TO CHANGE CATEGORY AT EASYPAY? Step 1: Login EPE Core à Employment details Step 2: Search for employee à Click on career button. Step 3: At new value, amend the category à Click no save button.

44 How to Change Company Address in EasyPay (Sage EasyPay)

Issue: To Change Company Address in EasyPay Solution: Step 1: Login to EPE Core > Click on Company Step 2: At the information tab, you may amend the address and click Save

45 How to change EPE user login password

46 How to change Monthly to Daily or Daily to Monthly rated employee

47 How to change the Clock ID Name Description

48 How to change the employee’s work leave calendar

49 How to Change the Logo of ePortal

How to Change the Logo of ePortal A) Issue: To set the ePortal Logo To set Banner To set Login image B) Solution: To change the logos, please follow the steps below: 1. Login to ePortal with the ADMIN credentials 2. Click on Settings > System Settings…

50 How to check EA Form is tally E Form?

Table of EA Form VS E Form EA Form Section Versus E Form Section Section B + C (Jumlah) E column (Jumlah Saraan Kasar) Section G Tally to F column (Elaun/Perkuisit/Pemberian/Manfaat yang dikecualikam Cukai) Section D1 G column (PCB) Section D2 H column (CP38)…