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1 How to connect client PC with the main server? How to activate the user license?

To connect client/ user PC to the main server, client server IP must same as main server IP Steps to check the main server IP address as below: 1. Go to main server PC > My Computer > Network > right click to select Properties: 2. Select Local Area…

2 Convert Cla. Leave to Allowance (Sage UBS Payroll 2014 or above)

Follow the steps below to convert the Cla.Leave to allowance (Applicable for Sage UBS Payroll 2014 or above): ** For Sage UBS Payroll 2013 or below, Click. Step 1: Go to Payments > 2. 2nd Half Payroll > A. Annual Leave To Allowance > 1. Assign No.…

3 FAQ - Sage Payroll - EIS Featured

Hi All, Please click to download file to download the FAQ.

4 How to Set Foreign Worker Levy Table?

Step 1: Housekeeping>setup>Government tables> FW Levy (FWL) Table>Fill in the necessary value Step 2: Personal File Maintenance > Government tab > NR Step 3: Personal File Maintenance > Non- Citizen > Select Foreign Worker Levy table…

5 How to use Personnel File Maintenance to Generate Mid Month Increment?

STEP 1: In Personal File Maintenance > Key in the Mid Month Increment amount and Date STEP 2: IN 2ND Half Normal Pay> Key in the WD & DW before increment outside> Click More Button > Key in the WD & DW & NPL inside >Process Pay…

6 Panduan Mengisi Borang GST 03

7 Sage Payroll 2015 _ Manage EPF Contribution (8% & others)

Example Employee A Basic Pay RM3000.00 – EPF contribution rate 8% Employee B Basic Pay RM3000.00 – EPF contribution rate 11% a. Go to Housekeeping > Setup > Government Table b. Select EPF table > Click OK c. EPF rate table d. Select the Employee…

8 Sage Payroll Maybank APS format no.35 steps by steps

Sage Payroll: i. Log on to UBS Payroll System, go to Housekeeping à Setup à Addresses & Account No, users are required to key in the following details: Organisation Information Name : Your Company Name (mandatory) Code : Bank code in numeric (mandatory)…

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