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41 GST-03 Returns Form Manual Submission Information

Update on GST-03 Returns Form: After consulting JKDM officials from the GST Unit at their Putrajaya head office, we can confirm that t here is no official technical specification or design document for the layout of the GST-03 returns form. The only reference…

42 GST-03, GST Report, GAF - FAQ Featured

FAQ GST reporting - Tax Paid Amount 0.00 in GST-03 and GST report for IM GST Reporting - Incorrect Taxable Purchase amount in Good and Service Tax report for IM GST reporting – Freight forwarder’s invoice amount shown as negative in GST-03 for IM GST…

43 How can you check the Bad Debt Relief Claim after enter at Transaction File Maintenance?

After you have entered the sales or purchase invoice at Transaction File Maintenance: Kindly go to 4. Transaction > 11. GST Bad Debt Journal (AR) > 1. Bad Debt Relief

44 How is GST amount being calculated when GST inclusive is applied ?

How is GST amount being calculated when GST inclusive is applied ? Answer : The GST amount is calculated using the below formula Total after discount x (6/106) Example (a) in Sage 50 7680.00 x (6/106) = 434.72 Example (b) in Sage UBS 250.00 x (6/106) = 14.15…

45 How to enter transaction for invoices that have 6% gst and 0% GST in one time? Featured

1 sales invoice with 6% and 0% Tax code: Goods and Service Tax Report Result: GST Return Report Wizard: