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21 How is GST amount being calculated when GST inclusive is applied ?

How is GST amount being calculated when GST inclusive is applied ? Answer : The GST amount is calculated using the below formula Total after discount x (6/106) Example (a) in Sage 50 7680.00 x (6/106) = 434.72 Example (b) in Sage UBS 250.00 x (6/106) = 14.15…

22 How to categorize my debtor/customer to different group?

Maintenance> Debtor/ Customers> Double click the Debtor> Go to ‘Group to’ to select the Debtor group that you wish to assign

23 How to create inventory item?

Go to Maintenance> Inventory item> Key in the Item ID and Item description> Save

24 How to disallow a user from editing the document?

Step 1: Control Panel > Administrator Tasks> Manage User >Check the User ID is in which Group. Step 2: Go to Control Panel > Administrator Tasks> Manage User Group> Function Rights> Untick the Edit check box for the respective document…

25 How to enable other user ID to access the database

Issue Description: When I login Admin, there is company appear but why new user ID unable to access certain company database? How to enable it? Solution: Step1: Go to Control Panel > Administrator Tasks> Manage User>Double Click the User and Go into…

26 How to knock off my Payment Vs my Invoice?

Accounting> Offset/Reverse documents> Creditor Documents [or Debtor Documents]

27 How to see the double entry create by system correct or not for my invoice?

Click the Financial Entries Icon, the financial entries page will appear for your invoice. You can check your double entry whether it enter the correct amount and it assigned to the necessary account accordingly.

28 How to set more than 1 set of auto numbering?

Control Panel> Settings> Auto-numbering>Click on the Type to select the document type> Fill in the Description and the rest of the information that you prefer. When you want it to be auto running, tick the auto running check box If you want your…

29 How to setup my company profile?

Step 1: Control Pane > Administrator Tasks > Create New Company section Step 2: Click on the relevant field(s) to make the necessary change(s) Step 3: Click [Save] to save the changes made and then [Close] to exit screen