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1 How to connect client PC with the main server? How to activate the user license?

To connect client/ user PC to the main server, client server IP must same as main server IP Steps to check the main server IP address as below: 1. Go to main server PC > My Computer > Network > right click to select Properties: 2. Select Local Area…

2 After DO is created, can I pull the item in DO directly to my invoice?

Yes, you can. At your invoice page, after you select the debtor, click the select DO icon and the select DO page will appear. Those uninvoiced DO will be available for your selection. Tick the DO you wish to invoice and click the select icon, the DO item…

3 An error message prompted: Invalid date. Date is not within current financial year or is in a closed period

Scenario: When try to enter journal entry, an error message prompted: Invalid date. Date is not within current financial year or is in a closed period. Solution: The Journal Date period is in close status in the Journal that you wanted to enter and check…

4 Create Favourite shortcut

Scenario: The solution below shows the way to create Favourite shortcut. Solution: 1. Go to module/function that you wanted to add into Favourite. 2. Click on the Favourite. 3. The module/function have successfully added into Favourite shortcut.

5 Distribute debtor and creditor opening balance

Scenario: The solution below is explaining the reason for distribute debtor and creditor opening balance but cannot select any debtor and creditor account. Solution: This is due to there is no opening balance for Debtor and Creditor Control account in GL…

6 Does Purchase order and quotation affect my financial statement in Sage 50?

Both Purchase Order and Quotation does not affect your financial statement in Sage 50.

7 GST Handling on Importation of Goods

GST Handling on Importation of Goods Scenario: Date Transactions Amount [RM] 02/04/2015 Purchase goods from NG Taiwan USD10,000.00 @ 3.50 35,000.00 04/04/2015 Received Supplier Invoice USD10,000.00 @ 3.50 35,000.00 20/04/2015 Goods arrived at port for declaration.…

8 GST is around the corner, is Sage UBS and Sage 50 compliant? Featured

Scenario: The GST around the corner...now we using UBS Accounting & Inventory Network Software.. Do this system will support the GST system? Solution: We are certified for GST compliance by JKDM (Jabatan Kastam DiRaja Malaysia), you can refer to their…