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Sage EasyPay Year End Preparation (Calendar & Leave)
Author: PS Peh Reference Number: AA-08363 Views: 707 Created: 2019-10-08 10:23 Last Updated: 2019-10-08 12:48 0 Rating/ Voters

*Kindly refer to the attached PDF guide for the screenshots

Step 1: Initialise Year 2020 Calendar

A newly created calendar is empty, meaning that the work days have not been computed. To do this is to initialise the calendar. A calendar initialisation generates the workdays for the year, meaning that you will need to perform initialisation once a year.

1. Go to Core module → Setup → Initialise New Year Setup


2. Click the Calendar button at Step 1


3. Select Year 2020 from the dropdown menu → choose Initialise under “Operation”. Select the Calendar ID you wish to initialise and move to the right → click Confirm 


4. Initialisation of Calendar for 2020 is complete and you may go to Calendar Setup to verify.


For customers with the Sage EasyPay Leave module, please continue with Step 2. 

Step 2: Initialise Year 2020 Leave


1. Go to Leave module → Process Leave → click on Initialise

2. Select the appropriate Leave Policy → Select Year 2020 → click Next

(* Repeat Step 2-5 if you have more than one leave policy setup)

3. Select ALL or any specific Leave Type → Next

4. Select Employee(s) to initialise for 2020 → Assign to the right → click Confirm

5. Click Process Leave → Select Year 2020 and you should be able to see the leave records that have been successfully initialised for year 2020. Employees may now apply leave(s) for Year 2020.

For customers with Sage ePortal, please continue with Step 3. 


Step 3: Configure Leave Settings for ePortal V2


1. Go to ePortal → Login as ADMIN 


2. Go to Settings → eLeave Settings → Configuration 

3. Click the “Copy” button for “Copy all leave type from EPE?” → Click OK when the message “Confirm copy leave types?” is prompted.


Important Note: 

If you have completed Step 1 and 2, your employees will be able to apply 2020 leaves via Sage ePortal upon log in. 

However, please take note that 2019 Leave Balance would still be shown under My Home. Your employees will only see the Year 2020 Leave Entitlements when the ePortal server date and time changes to 2020 (i.e. 1 January 2020).


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