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FAQs – Performance Issue with Sage EasyPay (Sage EasyPay)
Author: PS Peh Reference Number: AA-08358 Views: 797 Created: 2019-09-24 11:06 Last Updated: 2019-10-24 09:28 0 Rating/ Voters

FAQs – Performance Issue with Sage EasyPay


I am experiencing slowness with Sage EasyPay when processing the payroll records. Why is this so?

Suggested Reasons:

Network issue. Check your network speed and latency with your IT department to ensure that it is running optimally without interruptions. 


·       On the client PC, go to Command Prompt > type ping <Server IP Address> and check the speed

·       On the server PC, Go to Command Prompt > type ping <Client PC IP Address> and check the speed

·       Ideally, the speed should be less than 10ms


Wireless Network. The speed may be compromised if a user is using Wi-Fi connection. We recommend using LAN connection for optimum connection speed.


Size of EPE Database. Please kindly check your Sage EasyPay database in the server PC if it is excessively large (e.g. 5GB and above). You may wish to opt for our database rebuild service to remove your legacy data.


Alternatively, you may try to clear the log file per the steps below :


·       Go to Sybase Central > Services > Stop the EPEService

·       Go to the actual location of the database, cut and paste the log file to another location

·       Return to Sybase Central > Services > Start the EPEService


Server PC may be running other intensive processes. Check if your server PC is running intensive processes such as Windows Update which may slow down your EPE Performance.


Server PC may be running other programs. Please kindly check if your server PC is running other applications concurrently such as Accounting, Point of Sale, Clocking fingerprint software in which the server is sharing the processing load with these applications.


Number of employees in Sage EasyPay. If you have many employees (more than 100 employees) in your EasyPay, a slower processing time is expected


Server hardware. Please kindly check if your server hardware complied with our recommended requirements. As the server PC ages, the speed of the PC will be adversely affected as well thus affecting the performance of EasyPay. You may go to the Task Manager of the Server PC to check the CPU and Memory utilisation. At any time, they should not exceed 50% for optimum performance.


Anti-virus scanning. Please kindly check if you have any anti-virus is scanning the PC and is taking a significant amount of your server PC resources.


VPN. It has been a common scenario that the VPN will cause an adverse impact on the performance of EasyPay.

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