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How to Reset ePortal Password? (Sage ePortal)
Author: Bruno Reference Number: AA-08345 Views: 1896 Created: 2019-05-15 12:43 Last Updated: 2019-05-15 12:43 0 Rating/ Voters


User would like to reset the ePortal password


If you are using ePortal v1, please note that password reset is chargeable

If you are using ePortal v2, you may use the following method to reset your password:

Method 1

Click on Forgotten password? and follow the steps to reset your password

Method 2:

  1. Login as ADMIN, and go to HR Management > User Management > Manage User
  2. Click on the ID of the employee that you wish to reset the password
  3. Scroll down and re-enter a temporary password at Change Password and Confirm Password

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