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Author: Bruno Reference Number: AA-08332 Views: 372 Created: 2019-01-10 11:09 Last Updated: 2019-01-10 11:09 0 Rating/ Voters


Step 1:  Go to Inventory & Services on the tree menuà Inventory menu will appear on the screen.

User can change the Terms to be use (Inventory/Item Services) under SetupàUser Preferencesà Optionsà Terminology.

Step 2:  Go to Inventory & Services à Add Inventory & Service.

Step 3:   Fill in your Inventory name/code

User can create the Inventory name as Number as well (eg:HL001 Helmet)


Step 4:  Select CategoryàInventory Type: Inventory / Service item.

Required Field indicator will appear as long as there is required field in the item that user haven’t filled in yet which won’t allow user to save the item if the field is not completed.

Step 5:  Click on each of the Ribbon to fill in the appropriate details for the Item:


·       Fill in appropriate details for Reorder Quantities.

·       Show Quantities in and Location is for filtration / quick view of the Quantity balance and pending orders information.


·       Fill in appropriate Unit of Measurement for Stocking Unit.

·       Set Selling Unit and Buying Unit if the stocking unit is not same as the Stocking unit.


·       Select Currency and fill in the Price List for the item.

User may add Price List by going to the SetupàSettingsàInventory and ServicesàPrice List


·       User may assign the vendors to the item for future reference by clicking on Open Vendor List….

·       Select appropriate Vendor and tick Preferred Vendor if the vendor is Preferred Vendor. System will show the specific item under this Vendor when the vendor is selected in Transactions.

·       Example:

Blue color Item is a Preferred Item for this vendor, whilst the Black color item is a normal item that is associated with the vendor (not preferred).


·       This is a required field to have the accounts set for the item.

·       Select appropriate accounts for the item.


·       This ribbon is where user can set the Item components to build the Item (ie: BOM)

·       Example:

o   To build 1 Bike-20-24-BTFLY-OP1-SJ1, manufacturer need 5 quantity of SCR001, screw and 1 Bike-26-CYCLONE.

This will be used in the Build from BOM or Build from Item Assembly Module.


·       This ribbon is for the Sales Statistics where system will compute automatically for the user.

·       Select Location to view statistics in different location.


·       Set appropriate setting for tax if the item is exempted.

·       Select item tariff code for SST use.

Additional Info:

·       Fill in appropriate Additional Info.

·       Tick on the Additional Info to show in transaction.

User may add Additional Info by going to the SetupàSettingsàInventory and ServicesàNames


·       Fill in appropriate information for Opening Quantity and Opening Value for this item with appropriate Location.

Detailed Desc.:

·       Fill in extra description if any and image for the item.

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