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How to setup Bank E-Payment settings for Maybank 2E-RC?
Author: Bruno Reference Number: AA-08304 Views: 1044 Created: 2018-10-29 15:39 Last Updated: 2018-10-29 15:39 0 Rating/ Voters

How to setup Bank E-Payment settings for Maybank 2E-RC?


1.  You can find settings in:   General--> Miscellaneous Files --> Bank Account Maintenance

Option 1: Personal/Company Account

-  Details & More Info Tab

- [ADD] Click this to insert new bank account details

Option 2: Beneficiary Account

-  Details & More Info Tab

- [ADD] Click this to insert new bank account details

2.  You can activate Transaction Approval via:   Housekeeping --> Administrative Tools --> E-Banking

Please tick on Maybank 2E-RC for transaction Approval.

3.   Create new payment entry in transaction file maintenance.  Debit the expenses GL Account or purchase account and credit the GL Account for Maybank.

4.    Go to Creditors --> Electronic Banking --> Maybank --> Maybank 2E --> Maybank 2E-RC

Click on [ADD], the will display a menu:

Corporate ID:  << this is given to you by the bank >>

Reference No: Use this like in transaction file maintenance [this is mandatory field]

Description: Describe the type of payment that is to be used in the transaction.

After you input the Reference No, click [ADD], you will get another menu to select payment mode:

1.  Book Transfer Third Party (transfer of funds from one deposit account to another at the same financial institution, intra bank transfer)

2.  Outward ACH (Automated Clearing House, using e-payment service via the bank)

3.  Outward RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement, once processed, payments are final and irrevocable)

For example, using Outward ACH:

* this sign indicates that it is a mandatory field, meaning, users must fill in the blanks as a requirement to use this function.

Bank GL Account: you must choose from drop-down list.  This is done initially in Bank Account Maintenance.

From A/C No:  Number will be placed automatically by Bank Account Maintenance setup.

Receiving Bank: You must choose from drop-down list which bank is the recipient bank for this transaction.

Beneficiary A/C No.: This is also maintained in Bank Account Maintenance.  You can choose the beneficiary Account.  This will also update Name 1, Name 2 and Name 3.

Beneficiary ID Type: You must choose [New ID] [Old ID] [Business Registration] [Police/Army ID/Passport No]

You also must choose for charges borne by either [Applicant] or [Beneficiary].

Click on [ADD]: This menu will appear.  From here you can choose the payment which you typed in transaction file maintenance as normal:

Click [Ok].  Please fill in Corporate ID as this is Mandatory field. This ID is given by bank.

The menu (next page) will be updated once you click [Save].

Click on Creditor --> Electronic Banking --> Maybank 2E-RC --> Transaction Approval:

Choose to approve the payment.  This can be done by choosing Pending Approval to Approved. [Save]

Then, go back to Click on Creditor --> Electronic Banking --> Maybank 2E-RC -->

1. Select Approval Status to Approved and click in [Show Listing]

2. Click on Generate.

Choose location to save payment file to be uploaded to Maybank Website.

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