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How to create NS Leave Type in EPE Leave Module
Author: Bruno Reference Number: AA-08272 Views: 328 Created: 2018-08-02 13:04 Last Updated: 2018-08-02 13:04 0 Rating/ Voters

How to create NS Leave Type in EPE Leave Module?


1: CREATE NS Leave Type as below 

  •         Go to Leave Module => set up => Leave type - Click New - Key in the Name of the leave type as NS Leave Type, Key in Leave Function as Other and Save.
  •        Appearance tab: Tick active, the color code, abbreviation and description are all optional.
  •       General Tab to tick Entitlement, if you allow advance application, then tick 'Advance Application’, tick the check box for half day application OR hourly application if you are allowing
  •       Entitlement Tab: Select the Distribution method to 'First Full', Rounding method to 'Fixed' and Prorate Method to 'By Month'
  •       Suspend Tab = this is further set up. You may choose which one will be applicable for your leave.
  •       Eligible Tab = this is further set up. You may leave it without setting anything

         2:  Setup Allocation Table for Union Leave

  •             Go to Setup / click on Allocation Table - click 'New' / give a new name as ‘NS Leave’ / set the range basis to ‘Service Year’ / below click on '+' symbol / below in the highlighted field under 'Exceeding>=' key in '0' and 'Exceeding<' key in '365'/

Key in the number of days ‘0’ in ‘Entitlement’ column/

Key in the number of days ‘365’ in ‘Advance ‘column’/ save.


3. Assign the created NS leave type and allocation to the existing Leave Policy


  • Go to Leave Module > Setup > Leave Policy > Select the leave policy ID which assigned on employees (e.g. Std Leave Policy)> Click on (+) >

             Select Category or leave group or anything as “???” >

             Select Leave Type ID as “NS Leave” > Select Allocation as “NS Leave”>

            Select Costing Method as “Current TW-WDays” > Save

4. Initialize NS leave for employees

  •    At Leave Module / click on 'Process leave' /click on 'Initialize' / select Std Leave policy /click 'Next' / select NS Leave / click 'next' / double the specific employee record or records on the left / click on 'Confirm'

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