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EasyTime_Change of new OT Rule
Author: Bruno Reference Number: AA-08221 Views: 387 Created: 2018-06-20 11:11 Last Updated: 2018-06-20 11:11 0 Rating/ Voters

ADMIN is allowing to change their existing OT rule code to another new OT rule code from EasyTime.

How to change exiting OT rule code to another new OT rule from EasyTime?

Step1: Login to EasyTime using ADMIN account.

Step2: Go to EasyTime àOvertime rule setting àNew àCreate new OT rule code. OR,

Go to EasyTime àOvertime rule setting àClick on the existing OT rule code àChange to the new OT rule code.

E.g. New OT rule code: OT 2.

Step3: Re-assign the new overtime rule code from Shift pattern setting at EasyTime à Settings à Working / Shift Pattern Setting à Choose the Shift Pattern setting à Re-assign new OT rule code à Save it.

Step4: New OT rule code is shown from working team code.  

Step5: Re-initialize the working calendar from roster calendar à Yearly mass initialization à Choose the working team code à Tick on the working team à Right click on working team to set the start month & end month setting à Save team à Close Calendar working team setting à Click start initialize.

Step6: If the change of new OT rule is performed after 1st day of the month, then, ADMIN requires to run ‘Update to attendance’ and ‘Process attendance record’ again on the month itself.

 Go to EasyTime à Roster calendar à Search for the employee à Filter the year/month/date range à Click FIND à Highlight on the affected employee à Choose ‘update to attendance’.

After that, kindly go to run ‘Process attendance record’ for the month.

Step7: Preview the attendance report to check the result


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