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Check for errors in PATLine Submission
Author: Bruno Reference Number: AA-08203 Views: 908 Created: 2018-05-21 17:20 Last Updated: 2018-05-21 17:20 0 Rating/ Voters

PATline errors come in the form of ... (LIN=X). ... as shown in the "Upload Error Record Details" report.

Each X represents a particular employee.

For eg, if the error is ... (LIN=1). ...,

·         Open up the file you've submitted using a text editor (such as Notepad or WordPad)

·          Go to Edit à Find à Type LIN 1 à Hit enter on your keyboard

*IMPT: You have to leave 2 spaces between LIN and the number*

·         Scroll a little further down (vertically, approximately after 16 lines) and you'll see NAD PE ...

·         With this, you'll be able to zoom into the exact employee where the error is originating from 

Upload Errors:

1)      If ID Type(RFF AWM)= 5(i.e. Passport No), Employee's designation(NAD PE) must be DIRECTOR  

or Variations of DIRECTOR 


a.  Go-to Income Tax à Process à View Tax Records.  

b.  Double click on employee with record type = Current IR8A

c.  Check 'Employee's Tax Ref No.: *NRIC/FIN' against 'ID Type'



If Tax Ref No. is = SXXXXXXXX or TXXXXXXXX, the ID TYPE must be NRIC If Tax Ref No. is = GXXXXXXXX or FXXXXXXXX, the ID TYPE must if FIN  


2)      LIN Grp 1(LIN=268). Other Allowance (MOA 344). The other allowance cannot be negative or more than 9 digits and 2 decimals.  

Steps to check:

1.         At Process à  View Tax Records. Select employee (current IR8A) and modify.

2.         Look-up for this employee and click on "Income: Others (d)".

3.         This error is implying that "3. Allowances: Others" cannot be negative or more than 9 digits and 2 decimals.



1.            Determine which are the pay elements with negative figures under this other allowance. You may click on the embossed field name (Others) for an in-depth analysis of where and when (e.g. the period, sub-period, pay record id etc.) the negative figures are originating from.

2.            If it's due to a certain pay element which is a deduction, you may wish to exclude the deduction out of IR8A or lump it together with "Gross Salary, Fees, Leave Pay, Wages, and Overtime Pay". As long as all the fields of the form are either 0 or positive, the submission will be able to through 

3)      Residential Address Indicator (RFF AWB) is L, then Block/House No (refer to no.11, segment type is NAD PE, position 403-412) cannot be blank.

This imply that in IR8A, if there is address then the block/house cannot = N (no address) 



If you have process Income Tax records & there is amendment to the IR8A data.


1.  Go-to Income Tax à Processà View Tax Records

2.  Double click on the employee with record type = Current IR8A

3.  At Details Tab, ensure the address TYPE = L (Local Residential Address) if employee is having a local address.

* Repeat 3 for each affected employee.

If you have process Income Tax records and has NOT amend/edit IR8A data

1.        Go-to Core à Personnel details à Address à Rectify for address TYPE = L and postal code is 6 digits (all numeric)

2.       Go-to Income Tax à Process à View Tax Records.


3.       Select all employee with record type = Current IR8A and Recalculate. (*notes: this will overwrite IR8A/IR8S values) 


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