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Instruction To Make Auto-Backup EPortal Database (SQL EXPRESS)
Author: Bruno Reference Number: AA-08181 Views: 316 Created: 2018-05-04 15:49 Last Updated: 2018-05-04 15:49 0 Rating/ Voters


1.           On The E-Portal Server, Go To Start à Program à Microsoft Sql Server 2005 à Sql Server Management Studio Express 

2.            Once you click on it, you will be able to see the below screen. Click on the CONNECT button to access.

3.            Expand out SERVERNAME\SQL2005 à DATABASES and you should be able to see the database EPORTAL. Right-click on EPORTAL and select TASK à BACK UP.

4.            Within this screen, ensure that BACKUP TYPE is FULL. There is a DESTINATION path at the bottom.  Your E-Portal database will be back up to this path. You can click on REMOVE and you may click on ADD to add you own backup destination path.

5.            Enter File Name (Backup-E-portal Name (e.g. E-portal Auto Backup)).

6.            Click “Script” à Script Action to File. 

(To generate Backup script from Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express).

7.            Choose directory to save Backup script. 

8.            Click on OK to start performing your backup and generate Backup Script. 


9.            You will see the below screen if backup was done successfully.  

10.       Lastly, go to your destination path to check that backup files and file of Backup Script (e.g. ***.sql) are in place. 

Create Task Schedule to run Backup Script(***.sql).

Task Schedule screen is different depend on server operation system.

 (Following Print screens are from window server 2003)

 (1)   Go to Control Panel àTask Schedule.

 (2)   In Task Schedule, Create New Schedule.

 (3)   Click “Add Scheduled Tasks” and Next. 

 (4) Choose the “SQLCMD.EXE”. Default path (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Server\90\Tools\Binn\SQLCMD.EXE)

 (5) Click Open and click Next. 

 (6) Give Name of Backup E-portal Task Schedule. (e.g. E-portal Database Auto Backup).

 (7) Click for “Perform this task”. (e.g. Daily).

 (8) Choose Time and click Next 

 (9)  Enter Administrator password. 

 (10) Click Finish. 

 (11) Double Click “E-portal Database Auto Backup.” 

(12)Need to Replace data in “Run” using below data.

      Sql cmd -S E-portal Server\SQLEXPRESS -E -I C:\EportalSQLscript\EportalBackupscript.s

     (e.g. E-portal Server\SQLEXPRESS)      


(13) Click “Set Password” and Enter Administrator password.

(14) Click “Settings”

(15) Set Hours and Time to stop Task. (e.g. 3 hours).

 (16) Click OK. So, the system will automatically backup (E-portal Database) accordingly.

 (Auto Backup E-portal database’s directory is the same directory as Backup Database directory that point above Task >> Backup)


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