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E-Portal Documentation for HR personnel
Author: Bruno Reference Number: AA-08174 Views: 886 Created: 2018-05-04 13:16 Last Updated: 2018-05-04 13:16 0 Rating/ Voters

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E-Leave Configuration

Copy all leave type from EPE? 

Ø  This will update the leave type in E-portal from EPE leave module.

Copy Supervisor from EPE?

Ø  Copy supervisor from EPE à synchronize supervisor. This will overwrite the E-Portal user's approving manager from EPE.

Allow to amend past leave consumed

Ø  This setting affects leave applications that has been approved and the leave date is past the current date. If yes is selected, a limit number of days employee can amend the leave application.

Allow leave application during probation 

  Ø  If enabled, then employee can submit a leave application for dates before his or her confirmation date.


Allow advance leave application

Ø  If the leave type is allowed advance application, the check box at EPE leave module àleave type need to be ticked

Ø  Example of Advance leave: No pay leave.

Delegate Manager

Ø  When an approving manager is on leave, you can set an alternate Approving manager for leave applications

1. Default

The delegation can be set in two ways: -

                1) Default

2) Time Based

Ø  Once set, default delegation is activated automatically when the manager is on leave

Ø  For time based delegation is based on a set date range.

2.Time Based

Example: for selected period

Ø  Original Manager: The Original Manager refers to the default leave-approving manager of an employee

Ø  Alternative Manager: The delegate manager 

Ø  This is to prevent staff submit the leave during a peak period

Ø  Two block types: -  " warning" or “not allowed” the staff to submit the application

Leave Approver Setup


Ø  To set specific leave approval for certain leave type

Ø  This setting will supersede those approver level at user management

*For more information kindly refer to the attachment as per attached.

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