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EasyTime Steps Initialise Calender
Author: Bruno Reference Number: AA-08159 Views: 669 Created: 2018-05-03 14:05 Last Updated: 2018-05-03 16:41 0 Rating/ Voters

Step to initialize 2018 calendar and create 2018 public holiday                                                   

Initialize 2018 calendar using Yearly Mass Initialization. 

       To mass generate working shift for multiple teams with various month range. By using this function, the Overtime, Working and Allowance Rules that tie with the Shift Code will also be generated.  

       Use this function at:

           End of each calendar year before the start of the new calendar year.  

           New Team Code being created. 


Below are the steps to perform yearly mass initialization

Step1: Go to Easy Time system.  

Step2: Click on ‘Roster Calendar’.

Step3: Click on ‘Yearly Mass Initialization’.

Step4: Right click on the team code.

Step5: Choose the team code from Calendar working team setting.

Step6: Choose the New Year 2018 à Choose the start month and end month for calendar initializing à Click on ‘Save team’ button à Close the window. 

Step7: Go back to ‘working team calendar mass initialization’ window à double click on the selected checkbox for the working team à tick on ‘Overwrite shift calendar if already exit à ’Click on ‘start initialize’ button.

Step8: Click on ‘Yes’ when system prompted with ‘Initialize shift calendar for All the selected working team’ message. 

Step9: Click on ‘ok’ when system prompted with ‘Initialization process completed’ message. 

Step10: Close the window.  


Create 2018 public holidays 

This is to set the public holidays in a calendar year. 

Below are the steps to create public holidays: -

After creating the public holidays as above, then kindly assign the holidays accordingly based on the system parameters setting. 

* Please do not create the 2018 public holidays as above from Sage EasyTime system if your public holiday setting is synchronizing from Sage Easy Pay system.  

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