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How to Process NS Pay in EPE (Sage EasyPay)
Author: Bruno Reference Number: AA-08143 Views: 680 Created: 2018-04-27 11:41 Last Updated: 2019-05-09 16:55 0 Rating/ Voters


To process NS Pay in EPE


Method 1: Employee claim directly from MINDEF

  1. Go-to Payroll > Modules > NS Pay Record. To process NS Pay and select insert "NATI" pay element to pay record
  2. NATI is not subjected to CPF, CPF will be calculated based on actual salary
  3. Generate NS Checking Report
  4. Using this method, user only needs to insert "NATI" pay element at pay record

Method 2: Employer claim directly from Mindef

Go-to Payroll > Modules > NS Pay Record.

To process NS Pay and select "No Action", (E.g.. do not insert "NATI" pay element to pay record)


Skip this option and DO NOT NEED TO insert pay element as the claim is between EMPLOYER & MINDEF 

From EPE version 10.7, NS Internet Direct Submission in NS Pay Report is no longer supported due to changes with NS Portal with a more secured site.

During IRAS reporting, below is how each scheme should be treated in IR8A:

Method 1: MINDEF directly to employee

Employer deducts NS amount from employee à NEED to less NS Pay in payroll & report to IRAS 

Method 2: Direct Scheme with MINDEF

Employer claims from MINDEF, full salary will still be given to employee à NO need to less NS Pay, MINDEF will relate to IRAS 

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