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How to Create Pay Element Deduction
Author: Bruno Reference Number: AA-08141 Views: 458 Created: 2018-04-26 17:34 Last Updated: 2018-04-26 17:34 0 Rating/ Voters




>Not subject to CPF and SDF

>Not to appear in Income Tax

 Steps as per below:

Step1: Go-to: Payroll Module | Pay Element Setup


Step2: At the bottom right, click NEW to create a new Pay Element ID 3) Enter

           Pay Element ID (e.g. Refund Course Fees) and Description.

       Step3: Select Pay Item Type (e.g. Deduction).

Step4: Click Next button.

Step5: Select None of the above (if not using formula to calculate) and click Next  

Step6:  Select deduction grouping for IR8A (e.g. Standard Deduction) and click Next.  

Step7: Select payment method (e.g. Free) and click Finish

Step8: At Code Property, to select the property ID from the left to the right and click  SAVE button.



       Recommendation – not subject to Ordinary, not subject to SDF   



ØTo unselect ‘subject to Ordinary’, ‘Subject to SDF’ from the right to the left.


ØHighlight on ‘subject to Ordinary’ and click << (arrow) to the right.    


Ø  Highlight on ‘subject to SDF’ and click << (arrow) to the right. 

Step9: To select ‘Non- Taxable code’ from the left panel to the right and click SAVE. Exit (X) from Pay Element Setup. 


      Note: With this selection, the amount will not be reflected in IR8A.

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