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Cursor Not in Valid State (Sage EasyPay)
Author: Bruno Reference Number: AA-08135 Views: 2180 Created: 2018-04-26 10:52 Last Updated: 2019-05-08 17:21 0 Rating/ Voters


If encountered when clicking “Personal Details”.

This message will be prompt as per below :


With help from Developer, there are duplicate records at Core > Personnel Details > Email with contact location "ePortal" for 1 employee.

Note: Possible reason will be duplicate records at Personnel details, this requires developer to zoom-in to check which employee is having such problem.

Income Tax

During processing of Income tax, encounter the following message:

Failed to process IR8A - Error message: - Key Violation [SYBASE][ODBC DRIVER] [ADAPTIVE SERVER ANYWHERE] General Error : SELECT returns more than one row


The error indicates that one or more employees have the same 1 hire date. To know which staff is having problem do the following. Usually this is a problem for rehire staff where in user key in the same hire date of the person from the first record. 


Step 1: Go to EPE Income Tax module and process income tax record by batches (E.g.. to select 10 employees at a time). This is procedure is for you to identify which employee is having the problem. However if you know the staff that might have this problem go to step 2.

Step 2: Go to EPE Core module à Personnel Details à  under Employment Status à  check the hire and cessation of the employee. Make necessary amendment, an employee record should not have the same hire date. 


Employee (1st record)

Hired on 10/1/1997 --- Terminated on 20/5/2008

Employee (2nd record)

Hired on 10/1/1997, no termination 

*After the adjustments go to EPE Income Tax module and process Income Tax record for those employees that failed.


For the error 'Cursor not in a valid state. Select returns more than one row'. 


One of pay elements with method: Formula which DOES NOT end with ; (semi-colon) and this pay element was already inserted into the pay records.


1. To check if this is a Formula Pay Element ID

Check the Formula, if it is setup correctly. Please note that the formula should end with a semi colon. Rectify & save. Retry again to mark the specific Pay Element Id as 'History'.

  • To check if all Formula Pay element id ended with; (semi-colon)
  • Go to Payroll module / pay element setup / click on 'Preview' / select formula
  • Check through on the formula setup to ensure that all end with ;
  • Also, check if user have inserted any pay element with the method "formula" for pay records

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