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Sage 50 - Accounting
Author: Wan Hua Ng Reference Number: AA-01716 Views: 4346 Created: 2015-03-12 11:04 Last Updated: 2015-03-12 11:04 0 Rating/ Voters

 In this section, you will learn how to record the key steps in the accounting cycle :


  1. Create and maintaining journal.
  2. Enter journal entry and print journal voucher.
  3. Create and maintain budget with versioning.
  4. Foreign currency revaluation.
  5. Generate GST reports.
  6. Perform year end processing to close your accounts and start a new financial year.


  1. Create and maintain analytical group, apply in transaction for advance reporting & analysis.
  2. Create and maintain projects, apply in transaction for project wise reporting & analysis.
  3. Process partial exemption apportionment if your company is GST registered company and making both taxable & exempted supply.


journal 32 


I would like to add new journal or update existing journal


List View 32  


I want to have a comprehensive analysis on my accounts, I would like to create or maintain analytical group and apply in transactions



Forecast 32 


My business involve projects and I want to have project reportiong. I would like to setup project codes in the system and apply in transactions

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  arrow diagonal down right                 arrow down arrow diagonal down left 

Gauge 32 



I would like to setup and maintain budget for reporting



journal 32 


I would like to enter manual journal entries




  prices 32



Sometimes, my business transacs in foreign currencies,  I would like to revalue those foreign currency transactions based on latest exchange rate


Learnnow  Learnnow  Learnnow






year end YE 32 


I would like to close my accounts and start new financial year


tax VAT 32


My company is GST registered company and making both taxable & exempted supplies. I would like to run the partial exemption apportionment process before generate GST return





               arrow down






My company is GST registered company and I would like to generate GST releated reports especially the GST Return for submission







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