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EPE Payroll Year End Check list
Author: Xin Yi Wong Reference Number: AA-01206 Views: 2168 Created: 2014-06-02 11:57 Last Updated: 2014-06-02 11:57 0 Rating/ Voters

We understand that payroll year-end can be a hard time. This year, we're making payroll year-end with a quick and easy guide for you to run through your payroll year-end.

Before start all the step user must prepare a checklist as below:

Checklist 1 : 

Do you need to process Bonus Pay?

Ø   If Yes, user may refer below detail.

Ø   If No, user may start from 2nd step.

I.   Let say you want to process Bonus Pay together with Normal Pay. 

 II.  Or you want the Bonus pays separately with Normal Pay. There are 2 ways to process.

          a. Bonus pays by Bonus Factor format.

    Ø   Referring to individual E.g. 1.5 month’s bonus, 2 month’s bonus, etc.

          b. Bonus pays by User Defined format. 

    Ø  Bonus manual calculation in difference amount.

Check List 2 :

Before proceed to print EA & E form for year end. User must process year end closing by Initialize New Year Calendar to 2012. 

Check List 3:

Then you may proceed update below info into EA form before print. Benefit from company to staff to be declared to LHDN.

 I.   Staff Benefit –in- Kind (BIK entry). 

II.  Staff Rebate Granted.

 III. Tax Employer ( Nama Majikan). 

Check List 4 : Monthly Tax Receipt No.  (Slip Jawapan) .

Check List 5: Final in Payroll print out the Slip Jawapan, EA & E form.

Ø  Cross check YTD report compares with EA form.

Ø  End figure tally. You may distribute EA form attached together with Slip Jawapan.

Ø  For E form print out send by hand, post or diskette submission to LHDN. Make sure total is tally with the full year PCB submission.

Check List 6: Lastly Initialize Leave for New Year Entitlement. 

Notes: User can refer to Payroll Year End Process and Documentation for further info.

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