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How to use Personnel File Maintenance to Generate Mid Month Increment?
Author: Xin Yi Wong Reference Number: AA-01165 Views: 2144 Created: 2014-05-19 12:25 Last Updated: 2014-05-19 12:25 0 Rating/ Voters

STEP 1: In Personal File Maintenance > Key in the Mid Month Increment amount and Date

STEP 2: IN 2ND Half Normal Pay> Key in the WD & DW before increment outside>  Click More Button > Key in the WD & DW & NPL inside >Process Pay

STEP 3:View Pay Slip can see the salary after increment


Calculation of midmonth increment is based on calendar days

For 31 Days, if the increment date is 15/12/2012

For 1-14, it is 14 days. The basic rate is calculated based on 4000.

Before increment = 4000x14/31 = 1806.45

For 15-31, it is 17 days. The basic rate is calculated based on 5000

After increment = 5000 x 17 / 31 = 2741.94


New Basic Pay for that month = 1806.45 + 2741.94 = 4549.39

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