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12 months figure update for EA form figure amendment
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-01102 Views: 3253 Created: 2014-05-11 21:50 Last Updated: 2014-05-11 21:50 0 Rating/ Voters


If the EA form is missing out of some figure or incorrect amount were captured for Pay figure, Taxable Allowance, Non-taxable allowance, deduction, and BIK


1.            Monthly And Yearly  12 Months Figures Update

2.            Select the field to update the figure  OK

               Pay Summary: Any of the taxable income

               Tax Exempted Allowance: Any of the non-Taxable Allowance

               BIK Summary: Any of the BIK

3.            Example for Pay Summary: One of the month has missing a fixed allowance figure  MEAL ALLW

               Update the figure and Save

4.            Any figure amended on the 12 months figure update. You shall need to Calculate 12 Months Figures.

              Monthly And Yearly  Calculate 12 Months Figures

               Select Calculate All  OK

 5.           The message will prompt you Process completed  Select OK to exit

6.            You are require to Recalculate the MTD, YTD & Taxable AW, OT, DED for update the figure of the system.

7.            Select OK to confirm the calculation process.

8.            The message will prompt you Process completed  Select OK to exit

9.            Regenerate the EA form and the figure shall update into the column accordingly.

               Refer to: Steps to generate CP 8A report (Borang EA)

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