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Filtering transactions when using TAS with door access system
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-01060 Views: 1250 Created: 2014-05-11 20:21 Last Updated: 2014-05-11 20:21 0 Rating/ Voters


The below solution is for those users using TAS with door access system.

The methods shown are to filter out all those unwanted transactions so that TAS only captures the transactions for WORK IN/WORK OUT. This is because there are a lot of transactions per day, mainly from employees going in and out through the door.


There are 3 methods:

1.  Filter only relevant transactions when exporting the text file:

To allow filtering, the employee needs to press a button on the reader to specifically indicate that this is the clocking for their attendance. Then that transaction will have a special ‘Action’ symbol. So when exporting the text file, choose to export only transactions with this special ‘Action’ only. (Only applicable if the door access system supports this function).

2.  Filter out unwanted transactions under TAS List Terminal Data:

Go under [Enquiry > List Terminal Data], under Query Data tab. Key in the unwanted ‘Action’ symbol under the Action field, then click "refresh" to display all the related transactions. Click "Purge" to delete it all. Repeat this step for the rest of the unwanted ‘Action’, until only the transaction you want is left. After finish, you can go to run Attendance Processing.

3.  Install an other reader for time attendance only:

A separate reader for time attendance is the easiest way to solve the problem, but incurs extra cost.

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