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Formats of raw data from clocking machines that can be imported into UBS TAS
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-01057 Views: 1564 Created: 2014-05-11 20:17 Last Updated: 2014-05-11 20:17 0 Rating/ Voters


Below describes the various formats of raw data that can be imported into UBS TAS from clocking machines.


There are three (3) formats: Text File, Database File and CSV File as explained below:

1) Text file

This is the most common format of raw data. UBS TAS supports text file that has fixed length in all fields and consistent length in all records, for example:

040824 1053 0002815951 1 1
040824 1054 0002815951 1 1
040824 1055 0002815947 1 1
040824 1056 0002815952 1 1
040824 1059 0002815952 1 1
040824 1056 0002815953 1 1



·    Date: Date must have double digits for date and month (eg. 01/01/05 and 28/01/05).
The sequence of day/month/year is not important. 13/01/05 or 01/13/05 is fine. Also, year can be 2005 or just 05.
·    Time: Time must be 24 hour format and have double digits for Hour (eg. 08:05 and 17:30).
·    Card number: All card number must have same length. Maximum 9 characters.

2) Database File

Some clocking machine software does not have the function to export the raw data captured by the machine. UBS TAS can extract the raw data from such database in the form of Microsoft Access (*.mdb) and Visual FoxPro (*.dbf) through the u se of ODBC Data Source. For details steps, please refer to UBS Training Material Series 4: Time Attendance System, Part I, Topic: Terminal Maintenance, page I-8.

3) CSV file

The CSV file has to be in the format mentioned below:

·    Year should be YYYY and not YY, e.g. 2005 is correct, 05 will not be imported.
·    Time should be HH:MM, e.g. 03:21 and not 3:21.
·    Day can be DD or D, Month can be MM or M, e.g. 3/7/2005 and 03/07/2005 are acceptable.
·    Any headers, titles, field names or description that is not part of the transaction can only be placed before the real transactions begin. If it is found in the middle of the transactions, error will occurred during importation

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