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Deutsche Bank (Malaysia) Berhad
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-00866 Views: 3856 Created: 2014-05-06 20:35 Last Updated: 2014-05-06 20:35 0 Rating/ Voters


How to set salary payment via Deutsche Bank (Malaysia) Berhad ?



i.          Core à Code Setup


ii.         Click on Bank, insert by click at “+” and key in all bank details as below sample, once complete, mark with “” (repeat the same steps to insert other bank)

Bank ID                       Bank Name                             BNM Code

100002128                 Alliance Bank Berhad           MFBBMYKL

100002322                 Affin Bank Berhad                PHBMMYKL

100002089                 AM Bank Berhad                  ARBKMYKL

100002458                 Bank Islam                             BIMBMYKL

100002238                 EON Bank Berhad                 EOBBMYKL

100002241                 Hong Leong Bank                 HLBBMYKL

100002270                 Maybank Berhad                 MBBEMYKL

100002335                 Public Bank                           PBBEMYKL

100002186                 RHB Bank                              RHBBMYKL

100002050                 BCB/CIMB/Southern           CIBBMYKL

100002173                 Citibank Berhad                   CITIMYKL

100002296                 OCBC                                     OCBCMYKL

100002225                 HSBC                                     HBHBMYKL 

100002144                 Standard Chartered           SCBLMYKLX

100002267                 UOB                                      UOVBMYKL


-          BNM Code = Bank Clearing Code /Swift Code

-          System will take BNM code first; if BNM Code is blank, system will take Bank ID as beneficiary bank code. Please maintain code is standard format, do not leave blank at BNM Code.


iii.        Click on Bank Branch, drop down menu and select Bank ID, Branch ID is not mandatory for Deutsche Bank, You may key in both description as Blank.


iv.        For employer bank setup, go to Company à Bank

a.                   Click on New

b.                  Select Bank ID, Branch Code, key in Account No & Account Type 

c.                   Save


v.         For employee bank account setup, go to Employment Details à Bank Allocation

a.                   Click on New

b.                  Select Bank Payment Group, select local payment.

c.                   Select Bank ID, Branch Code, key in Account No & Account Type

d.                  For OverseaPayment Mode will be Telegraphic, for local leave it as blank.

e.                  Save 


vi.         After done payroll process, only can proceed to Bank Disk Generation

(if salary have been processed, user need to reprocess pay to refresh the changes)


vii.           Payroll à Reports à Bank Disk Generation


viii.          Select Submit for: Salary

ix.           Format: Deutsche

x.            Assign Record Assign to right

xi.           Click on Launch

xii.           Payment Date: salary payment date

    DR A/C No (Max 20 digits):

    Payment Details: example: Salary – April 2011 or Claim – Apr2011

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