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EPF Voluntary for senior citizen (above 55 years old)
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-00782 Views: 1860 Created: 2014-05-05 11:58 Last Updated: 2014-05-05 11:58 0 Rating/ Voters


Default mandatory EPF contribution is 5.5% by employee, 6% by employer. Extra voluntary 5.5%. How to set it?



i.            Payroll à Modules à EPF Progression

ii.           Click on New, EPF Progression:

                 Effective Date,

                 Career Code “Update” (existing), “First Record” (New Joined)

                 EPF Policy: EPFYr2008Feb

                 EPF Scheme: EPF Mandatory & Voluntary

                 Employee Voluntary Percentage: 5.5%


iii.          Setup à EPF/SOCSO Setup à EPF/SOCSO Table Setup

iv.           EPF/SOCSO Table Setup

                EPF/SOCSO table: EP08ST

                EPF/SOCSO Scheme: EPF Mandatory & Voluntary

v.            Highlight at the row

               Minimum Salary         Maximum Salary

               10                                9999999

vi.           Employee tab, choose |Template 3|

                Default: Template 1

vii.          Template 3:

                 CEILING    5.5%   RNDNEAR

                 ROUND                 RNDNEAR

viii.         Click Save

ix.            Pay RecordàReprocess (highlight the staff)

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