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EA Form does not shows the previous year record (2010)
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-00779 Views: 1337 Created: 2014-05-05 11:54 Last Updated: 2014-05-05 11:54 0 Rating/ Voters


Payroll à Reports à Government à EA Form

i.             Current Payroll done until year 2011, period 1

ii.            DB contains 2 years taxation i.e.: 2010 & 2011

iii.           In 2010, database was migrated from EPW to EPE


Reason: system found multiple taxation year

Things to do before amendment:-

i.            Backup data for your payroll.

ii.            Print out the reports for year 2011

iii.           Payroll à Pay Processing à Tax Record

iv.           Highlight row by row for empty taxation year and click “Delete”

v.            At the same screen, click on “EA Section C- G”, under Section F show alphabert and year

vi.           Highlight the taxation year and click “Delete” as well

vii.          Payroll à Pay Record à Year: 2011 Period: 1

viii.         Highlight all payroll record for Payroll record for Period:1

ix.           Payroll à Pay Record à Setup à Pay Group Setup

x.            Scroll down to last row of Pay period: 2, right click the mouse and “delete sub-period”

xi.           Payroll à Pay Record à Year 2010 Period: 12

xii.          Highlight the “Normal Pay”, “Unlock” it

xiii.         Click Recalculate

xiv.         Message prompted: “Recalculate selected records, Are you sure?” Yes

xv.          Message prompted: “Do you want overwrite EPF/SOCSO/Taxation value?” Click “No”

xvi.         For Payroll 2011, Period 1 & 2

              Re-do again

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