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Activate Special Grouping does not appear in report of Profit and Loss Account | 损益表没有出现有效特殊分组
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-00621 Views: 3383 Created: 2014-05-03 23:49 Last Updated: 2014-05-03 23:49 0 Rating/ Voters


The step to Activate Special Grouping option in Report of Profit and Loss Account.


Version 9.0

  1. Go to [Housekeeping > Exit], press keyboard 'A' to access Dealers Setup.
  2. At Page 1 tab, assign any 2 digits (30, 90...) to "XY" text box or 1 digit (3, 9...) to "X" text box for Special Grouping Nos.

Version 9.3 onwards

  1. Go to [Housekeeping > Administrative Tools].
  2. At Setting tab, assign any 2 digits (30, 90...) to "XY" text box or 1 digit (3, 9...) to "X" text box for Special Grouping Nos.





  1. 进入[系统维护 > 退出],按键盘键'A'进入代理商设定.
  2. 第一页选项,填入任何2位数字(30, 90...)在"XY"文字框或1数字(3, 9...)在"X"文字框特殊分组编号.


  1. 进入[系统维护 > Administrative Tools].
  2. 格式选项,填入任何2位数字(30, 90...)在"XY"文字框或1数字(3, 9...)在"X"文字框特殊分组编号.
Rss Comments 4
  • [ Wong Chung Yuong]: Accounts grouping 2015-06-03 22:11 #

    I have followed your instruction and created the group master account successfully in Trial Balance. Thanks.
    Previously I created group master account 6200/000-Direct Expenses under which, 6200/100(sub master account)-Sundry wages, 6200/101,6200/102,6200/103 and
    6200/200-Salary & allowance, 6200/201,6200/202,6200/203.
    Is there any way to get the sub-totals of 6200/100 & 6200/200(as sub groups)?

  • [Li Zhen Yap]: Re: Accounts grouping 2015-06-04 18:35#

    Dear Wong Chung Yuong,

    Thank you for your kind feedback.

    We have verified with the respective department and it is confirm the system available for one level of grouping only.

  • [ Wong Chung Yuong]: Accounts group in Trial Balance 2015-06-03 09:04 #

    Except trade debtors and creditors, it seems that other general accounts group total not shown in Trial Balance. Is there any way to shown only the group total (general accounts) in Trial Balance, such as Sundry Wages (group of individual wages accounts)?

  • [Li Zhen Yap]: Re: Accounts group in Trial Balance 2015-06-03 14:49#

    Dear Wong Chung Yuong,

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    Firstly, the system can be shown group total with the same first 4 digit Account Number. (E.g: 9100/000 (Master) = total of (Sub)9100/001 and 9100/002)

    Once you have created the master and sub account, kindly go to Accounting > 7. Housekeeping > 7. Administrative Tools > Special Grouping nos > Replace one of the XY to 91 > OK.

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