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Enter Supplier Site/Agent Opening Balance | 输入供应商Site/代理人期初余额
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-00565 Views: 4953 Created: 2014-05-03 22:12 Last Updated: 2014-05-03 22:12 0 Rating/ Voters


The way to use "Enter Supplier Site/Agent Opening Balance" function.


  1. [Housekeeping > Run Setup > General Setup > Page 2], check the checkbox of With Site.
  2. Enter opening balance in [Creditors > Enter Supplier Site Opening Balance], click on Add, select a supplier, key in site code (any code) and opening balance; click on Distribute Last Year Aging if user want to distribute the opening balance.
  3. User may assign the related site code during transaction of this creditor.
  4. Go to [Creditor > Print Remittance Advice], specify the Site Code and check the checkbox of Print By Site, click on “OK”, preview to view the result.




1.进入[系统维护 > 系统设定选项 > 系统设定 > 第二页], 勾选With Site复选框.

2.[应付账 > Enter Supplier Site/Agent Opening Balance]输入期初余额,新增,选择供应商代码,键入Site代码(任何代码)和期初余额如果用户要分配期初余额就按分配上年度欠款账龄.


4.进入[应付账 > 打印应付账户对账单],指定Site代码和勾选Print By Site复选框,"确定",预览来查看结果.

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