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Enter Chinese Character | 使用中文输入
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-00539 Views: 6251 Created: 2014-05-03 20:29 Last Updated: 2014-05-03 20:29 0 Rating/ Voters


How to enter Chinese Character in UBS System?


In-order to enter Chinese character in UBS system, you must set your Windows System Locale to Chinese (PRC).

  1. Access [Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options]
  2. Click on Administrative tab and click on Change system locale...
  3. Change Current system locale to Chinese (PRC), click OK
  4. Restart Computer
  5. Enter Chinese character in UBS

CAUTION: Changing Windows System Locale may affecting other program installed in your system, please consulte your IT consultant before make changes.


如何输入中文字于UBS 系统?


要在UBS 系统输入中文字,用户必须更改视窗的System Locale成Chinese (PCR)。

  1. 进入[Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options]
  2. Administrative 选项然后按Change system locale...
  3. 更改Current system locale 成Chinese (PRC), OK
  4. 从新启动电脑
  5. 在UBS系统里输入中文

注意:更改视窗System Locale可能会使到其他软件不能启动,请在更改前请教您的系统管理员。

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