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Allowance Formula | 津贴方程式
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-00446 Views: 3660 Created: 2014-05-02 23:44 Last Updated: 2014-05-02 23:44 0 Rating/ Voters


The solution below shows the way of setting the following variable allowance (assuming the allowance amount is varying for employees):

Full allowance (e.g. RM500 for an employee) if no absent and NPL

With absent/NPL, allowance should be reduced accordingly at the rate of 500/29 for each day of NPL/absent


    1. Go to [Housekeeping / Setup / Tables Maintenance], select Allowance Table, key in allowance description, click "Next", "Next", at the Formula field for the row where the allowance is added, key in the following formula:

IIF(RATTN=0, AW, IIF(RATTN ->=1, AW – (AW/29)*NPL,0))

2.  Click "OK" to "save" the record

3.  Go to [Personnel / Add/Update Employees], select Allow./Ded. tab, key in allowance amount for individual employee.





津贴=500 - (500/29 × 缺席或无薪假)


    1. 进入[Housekeeping > Setup > Tables Maintenance], 选择Allowance Table
    2. 输入allowance 说明,按Next,再按Next
    3. Formula 文字框里,输入以下方程式:

IIF(RATTN=0, AW, IIF(RATTN ->=1, AW – (AW/29)*NPL,0))

4.  按OK

5.  进入[Personnel > Add/Update Employees], Allow./Ded. 选项,输入津贴金额给每个员工

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